Company History

Steven R. Blanchard began working in new construction in 1981 at the young age of fifteen and what started as a summer job sparked his passion for building new homes which was immediately ingrained into his soul. 

In Steve’s senior year of college he was granted the honor to work on an independent study with the Dean of the Barney School of Business at The University of Hartford.  It was during that independent study that Steve wrote the business plan for his new residential home building business.  Steve incorporated S. R. Blanchard, Inc. on April 16, 1987 and graduated from business school with a bachelor’s degree one month later.  The original business plan still sits in his office today as a reminder of how the wonderful concept of service oriented building came to fruition.

Steve hit the ground running and within thirty days from graduating college he poured the first foundations for new homes in Coventry, CT.

Through the years as Steve gained practical business experience, he recognized the power of vertical integration and created several other businesses which include land development companies Highland Development Assoc., LLC and Blanchard Land Investments, LLC,  Excavation and earth moving division under S. R. Blanchard, Inc., and the apartment ownership companies Manchester Rental Assoc., LLC, Westerly Rental Assoc., LLC, and 74 Westerly, LLC.  

After over 30 years and 300 new homes and scores of subdivisions later, Steve is very proud of the fact that S.R. Blanchard, Inc. has never wavered from the core belief of providing affordable high quality homes by conducting business with the utmost integrity and values.  In fact, we are now experiencing an incredible phenomenon where we now have several repeat customers whom we built homes for over twenty years ago coming back to us to recreate that wonderful experience in another new home.  It is by far the best confirmation we could receive that we have performed a stellar service and quality product to our customers complete satisfaction which they remember and want to recreate over twenty years later. 


Company Future

We are very proud to carry on the tradition and values of S. R. Blanchard, Inc. by integrating his oldest son, Steven R. Blanchard, Jr., (Steven) into the business as Vice President and Director of Operations.  Steven has a BSBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from CCSU and has been on the job helping his Dad since he could walk.  Steven has the same enthusiasm as his Dad had when the company was founded in 1987 and Steven's youthful exuberance brings a whole new level of excitement to the building process.  Steven is operating all facets of the business and is very excited to see the business grow with his stewardship and the new ideas and steadfast work ethic that Steven brings to the business should sustain the company for years to come.