Client References      

-Kim & Orland Donald 32 Quail Run Road Mansfield, CT

-John & Kristin Braz 558 Dunn Road Coventry, CT

-Barbara & Hilary Dombrowski 550 Dunn Road Coventry, CT

-Donna Roberts 365 Swamp Road & 271 Skyview Drive Coventry, CT

-Megan & Mike Michalski 244 Love Lane Coventry, CT

-Mark & Theresa Bryant 66 Skyview Drive Coventry, CT

-Gus & Susan Shearer 136 Dunn Road Coventry, CT

-Steve & Rita Novak 132 Skyview Drive Coventry, CT

-Matthew & Dianna Grindle 216 Skyview Drive Coventry, CT

-Gertrude Bzdyra 260 Dunn Road Coventry, CT & 93 Tolland Road Bolton, CT

-James & Ilona Grace 173 Skyview Drive Coventry, CT

-Mike & Kelly Klecka 951 Merrow Road Coventry, CT

-Steve & Charlotte Lasek 300 Dunn Road Coventry, CT


"Thank you, again, for everything you have done for us and our quality built home.  It was an absolute pleasure having you as our builder!"

Sheila Roderick


"For Steve and Rita Novak, settling on Blanchard as their builder was an easy choice.  They checked Blanchard's references and license with the State, finding no complaints and nothing but satisfied homebuyers"     

The Journal Inquirer


"We appreciate the great job you have done on our house.  We found you to be most helpful in assisting us with decisions.  When a problem occurred you were there immediately to help us.  We feel you were fair and pleasant to work with.  We appreciate all of your work on our behalf."

Marilyn & Geoff Taylor


"I was very pleased with the process and working with Steve, he was very easy to talk with."

Steve Novak


"Working with Steve on the construction of our home was a pleasurable experience and we were very impressed by his communication and the fact that he was very sensitive to our completion date."

Jennifer Brigham


"I can't thank you enough for the care and guidance you so generously offered us as we made our way through this big transition.  We are so fortunate to have found you."

Kristin Braz