Our philosophy of client based service is the foundation of what makes purchasing a new home from  S. R. Blanchard, Inc. to be a truly rewarding experience and we are proud of the fact that we on the job everyday to ensure complete quality and service to every home buyer.


  • Initial Consultation


    We understand that open and honest communication is paramount to every relationship and during the consultation meetings we take a tremendous amount of care in getting to know as much as possible about our clients.


  • Lot Selection/House Design


By having an open dialog, we become well informed to be able to properly guide our clients to facilitate their decisions moving forward from lot selection to specific house design.  We will ask you questions such as:


“What do you like about your current home and what would you do to change anything?”  Clients always know immediately what they don’t like in their existing homes which will guide us with areas to concentrate on changing during the construction process.


“What type of activities do you enjoy in your spare time?”  Getting to know what clients like to do will help us to consider decisions such as if a library, hobby, or exercise room is more important.


“Make a list of everything you even may remotely want in a new home so that we can create an option and price list to ensure that your completed home is built within the budget you have provided.”   This will guarantee that your new home will be constructed within your specific budget.  We like to put the spending decisions in the client’s control and they can make specific selections anytime during the construction process.


  • Contract


    Once the clients have selected the lot and we complete the house design, we enter into a contract to purchase the home.  Purchasing a new home from S.R. Blanchard, Inc. is as easy as purchasing an existing home.  We procure all construction funding and we use the standard MLS board contract with detailed specifications of your new home.  We encourage your legal representation to review and bless our contract prior to consummation.


  • Construction


    Once the construction process commences we include the clients in every step of the process to guide us and maintain a constant dialog as a system of checks and balances to ensure the home is built to our client’s complete satisfaction.  We set up a time to have a weekly meeting to review progress and address any questions or concerns.


  • Time Frame


    Once the contract is consummated the time frame to construct a new home is less than six months.  We are very sensitive to the fact that building a new home is often coordinated with several mitigating circumstances such as selling an existing home or completing so children can enter into new schools. 


We takes pride in the fact that when we properly address all of the client’s needs and concerns, building a new home is one of life’s many exciting experiences.